1)11 inch cloth doll with papoose has embroidered face on doll and papoose. She has black braids, pantaloons, slip and dress with corduroy boots. 2)12 in doll from Jamica is all cloth with straw basket on her head. She is wearing a skirt, blouse, apron, panties, scarf tied behind her head with large loop earrings. Her face is painted. 3)9 inch cloth doll carrying a handbag, has black braids, earrings, a felt cutout face. She is wearing a felt trimmed skirt, back blouse with an orange shawl. She has a unique flat hat probably to carry items. 4)7 1\2 inch peasant girl with eyes looking left. Some face features painted. Carrying a basket of flowers. Felt skirt with trim, apron, blouse and black cummerbund. Has a red felt head covering trimmed with lace. She is wearing pantaloons, shoes strung to the knee, slip and earrings. 5)6 inch senorita wearing a sombrero, necklace, gold flower in her hair. She has long black hair to her waist. Red felt skirt with colored flowers and beads. She is missing her arms. 6)6 inch senor has black hair and painted facial features. Chap like pants with matching shirt. Wearing a serape and red tie. 7)5 inch native has coiled wire for his arms and legs and looks like composition hands, feet and face. Wearing a basket at waist. Has a straw hat and native clothes. These are the remains of my foreign doll collection that I have had for 30 something years.