Letter from lady with 300 Russian dolls

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Elizabeth, If you could refresh my memory with the number of these dolls I would be glad to help you with them if I can. I am sure they are Russian or I would not have bid on them. Perhaps the description said so, I really don't remember.

I have well over 300 Russian dolls and do not collect any other ethnic dolls. Little is written about these dolls so my knowledge is just what I have been able to ascertain in the short time I have collected them, approximately 10 years. My collection starts at the end of the eighteenth century, with trihedral dolls, to the present. If I can be of help please let me know.

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Subject: You bid against me on the wire dolls...Russian...

They are facinating and the seller knows virtually nothing about them. I am starting a small international doll collection...at least small so far...was there something that interested you about them ? They are faciinating....embroidered features..the picture does not do them justice

Elizabeth Atlanta, Georgia