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  Florence Harding: The First Lady, The Jazz Age, and the Death of America's Mo...

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Description:  Morrow. Paperback. 645 pages. 1998

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Morrow. Paperback. 645 pages. 1998

First Ladies biographer Carl Sferazza Anthony not only recounts the drama of Florence Harding's personality but uses the White House to bring to life Jazz Age America. He shows how Florence's friendship with Evalyn McLean, the morphine-addicted owner of the Hope Diamond and The Washington Post, was one of the defining bonds in her public life.

Drawing on newly declassified FBI documents, Florence's recently discovered diary, and many other sources, Anthony offers a potent reanalysis of the Teapot Dome scandal and the intimidation squad" used to silence Harding's political opponents, as well as revelations about Harding's dalliances with mistresses, including love letters the President wrote. Anthony reopens the investigation into the legend that Florence poisoned the First Hubby 75 years ago, with eye-opening conclusions.

The book does not just paint Florence as a 20th century di Medici—it also shows how the First Lady was a modern politician and women's advocate and the first First Lady to fly an airplane, meet with the press, and bring Hollywood movie stars and jazz to the White House. "

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