Please wait for these photos to load. They are photos that I took May 14 on Marietta Street in Atlanta about dusk. There does not seem to be a web page for this company, and I am constantly photographing these horses and their drivers, etc. because they go past my building with a friendly "clop clop" late at night, and I see them walking from the MARTA station. I would like to know more about them.

Some web sites about this kind of about Chicago and another of an association that opposes them.

J.C. Cutters

Equine Advocates, Inc. Promoting The Humane And Responsible Treatment of Horses

From someone who knows about horses...a quote from a recent email from a penpal who raises Morgan horses and drives carriages for weddings

Sat, Feb 19, 2000 Use only rubber shoes on the horse. This would make it much easier for the horses legs. The size of the carriage to the size of the horse would be important. If the horse had to do this for a long period of time is not good. I would want to change horses real often. That is something that maybe doesn't happen, because they may not have that many horses. That would be the biggest thing to me. The horses should be properly fed

That means they should have a special diet for what they are doing. I have my horses in parades, do volunter carriage rides to help raise money for different good causes. You might watch the horses to see if they look happy. You can tell by looking at there eyes. If you can do that and tell me what you see in their eyes I may be able to give you a better answer about that horse. I am proud of the way we take care of ower animals. We had a pony live to 36, and a horse to 31. I now have a 25 year old

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