I started the mornning of the ALA meeting at the Sheraton with coffee and tour of the downstairs. Elegant, truly elegant. Then a few minutes in the lobby and a quick encounter with a first grade teacher from Kansas, departing from the NEA meeting which had preceded us.

I talked to her about Marti and the "count to 100, with M and M prompts" and she said that first graders could memorize the numbers but not put them in their place in the ordering system.

The table of a dozen on information literacy was a dissapointment. We heard that professors refusal to let us in to teach information literacy was a constraint, but we did not learn how we were to overcome this.

I finished the day meeting my "mentee" Paulette of the University of West Indes, then going out on a boat from the pier near the Buckingham fountain, and on leaving finish the day with a movie at the old Studebaker building. Sunshine. Later I learned that Diane and Sofia had seen it. It mirrored the experiences of their Jewish families.