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Really long ones...and my evening yesterday with Trudy was great. She had photographed a wonderful collection of pharmacy materials that has been donated...they take up our entire dispensing lab...did I write you about the lady who came to appraise them and her sculptor mother ? ...we got the photos..had a neat supper at Pizza Hut...and gabbed about Ebay....all kinds of shop talk like how to price postage...What is selling...packing materials. I was amazed at how it has all taken over her house. She has her little Furskins (remember my Tripod webpage on Scarlett O'Bear..the Furskin at the Alumni House ?)....going up the steps. She has an adorable new grandbaby..and is collectin Carebears for him....

I do not know if all the attachments stay on when I send this...will see..

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Subject:    I wish you could meet Trudy... As you can see...I like to write..and yet you cannot really afford to turn this into a penpalling session...and make any money.

But I have to tell you about Trudy.

She is a colleague where I work, and is very skilled with publicity, crafts, and exhibits....

Before she went to library school and was raising a family she had started making doll clothes... She got into Ebay...and just last night I went with her by her house...she and Bill are empty nesters...and she had a bedroom set up with her business tools...wrapping stuff, "peanuts"..a big, big sack...in another bedroom a "stage" where she photographs her stuff...and then they fill the room...the dolls, plates. She is getting a sense of what does sell, and is able to got out mornings, when she works nights..and shop garage sales.

She is considering reducing her work to 20 hours and losing her fringes so she can pursue this further......I don't know. She spends such a lot of time doing the wrapping, email stuff..for sometimes such a little bit of money

I won't keep you. Thanks for writing back. Elizabeth

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Hi Elizabeth, Thanks so much for the picture. This is what makes Ebay so much fun for me. I will be putting out more cows as time goes by. Ebay, hopefully will be my way out of the job that I have been in for the last 12 years. I started doing this because I love it. Then I decided that if I worked hard enough at it, I could cut back on the job I dislike so much. Now I am working 4 days a week for someone else. I work 7 days a week trying to get started Ebay.

I have met so many wonderful people while doing this. I love dealing one on one.   I am alsway disappointed when I buy through Ebay and find out it is a large outfit.

So far there is a lot of Mom and Pop stuff on Ebay, and thats' what makes it fun.                                       Thanks for your reply,                     Bev ----- Original Message ----- From: "Elizabeth Christian" To: Cc: ; Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 8:34 AM Subject: The little cow

Attached a photo of your little cow...with a photo or my grandson..who will want it when he sees her in person. I was not prepared for such a cute little creature. It makes me wonder about your collection....I actually have another plush cow..probaby more of a bull..distinct horns..that I picked up at Eckerd's drugs a year ago....it is twice as large as this but is an entire set of similar ballet figures....Made in China of course.

I had my first trip to a dairy farm last fall in NZ...my hosts brought out their gum boots though hardly needed them...I was absolutely amazed how up to 300 cows single filed in and out of the area to be milked by only two people, and then how the milk is left to be picked up. At the time there was a lot in the newspapers which I had trouble understanding, about all the farmers combining even further for better marketing and savings....The price of dairy products in New Zealand, however, is so low it is a real problem for the economy.

We have virtully no dairy farms in metro Atlanta where as recently as 15 years ago there were quite a few near the city.

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