I helped the Sunday school children at church. They were cutting out cloth hands that were to be part of a banner for Jenny, the new vicar who was expected very soon. We were up in the top of the church with the high ceilings. The children went down for the end of the services.

Then about 12:30 I took the train to Lewes.

It was a wet day and there were few people about. I did see the city museum that had a nice slide show and model of the city showing its growth and early industry. Next door was the Norman castle.

I walked down a very,very steep street that had houses built along it and was able to see the Elizabethan Anne Clewes house. She had never lived there, it was rather a property from which she had receive income, but was the only Elizabethan period house I was to visit.

I would have like to see more,but it was late, things were closed and I had to get to the train.


The Norman castle: