March 31, 2000

A pretty remarkable day

In an hour I found out our secretary's father is a high school librarian on Long Island, one pharmacy student is the sister of a Rhodes scholar (I admired her it all started) and another (I commented on his t-shirt)..had a sister who interned on Entertainment Tonight.

Spent the early hours of the morning almost all alone walking over the campus and photographing the dogwood.

Lunch ..Ms. K took Diane to Lettuce Suprise You ...Loehman's Plaza...could not get away from badmouthing..... Diane had just dyed her hair red...

Interesting taxi ride with a driver who told me about his photographes ranging from Hawaii sunsets, the arches in St. Louis, his son's fish catch (film not yet developed) and race car with P. Carter in it....A fun ride with a clearly talented guy. Divorced, but hands on father to 2 children, and wore beard...greying

BN and I met J and M to the bus stop. They had taken a trip to a dairy farm in Alabama and Marti talked about it and had a sheet to color that she insisted on finishing when she got home. Jay was not feeling good and just lay down and went to sleep The azalea, wistera, and dogwood were everywhere..and lovely.

We ..all 6 of us went to the Synagogue for a special supper and service for families..sitting at the table next to us were a couple..both from Moscow, met here, live in Lilbutn,and their black son, about 3 goest to K...set..there at S.I. as J and Marti did.

The children's participation in the service was remarkable.

Eden called me out when she got home and showed a letter from the school about some special support for Marti..and then pointed out that her report card..very detailed ...did not show major weakesses...Is of course concerned. An appointment coming up April 10. I am going to tell her not to let them keep Marti behind. They may suggest this.

More flowers