Great things about May 1

The day was one of


then MARTI and a cab...including photos along the way

Spent the day working on a recommendation for Diane for a job and on doing stuff for the AHSLC meeting on the 18th. Things are in place. Kail will come, Judith will authorized payment for refreshments, the program is ready and I have the minutes. Put it together and let the invitaitons fly.

I arranged for a book order for Agay...about all the library work I did.

Home by 7 and spent the time online just fiddling around. The Nutcracker doll did arrive and I have put her on the windowsill next to the ballet bear, whose facial expression so appeals to me.

Thankful..things to be thankful about

Tried something a little different

Listing things that made me feel good

Since I did not seem to be able to get to sleep I started with what was right there....

1. It was chilly so I had put MBC's fur coat over me.....I stroked it...feels good I thought..and I also thought of her, a nice memory...her blue eyes

2. I took my medicine...all three drugs which should have protective properties....and was thankful that they exist

3. Tasted the tooth paste...good

4. Nice to get a cheery good morning from the man at the door

5. Fun to do my Mavica photos walking up to the MARTA station

6. Arrived at the library...looked at the people there and great to be working with such capable, friendly, energetic people

7. Ah....when I logged into my email ..the minutes were there..great

8. At the Lindberg station...I had had to make the transfer...all those great colors on the wall

9. There was also a terrific fashionable lady...seen from the a simple purple dress

10. It was great talking to Sandra Franklin when I called about the job Diane was interested straightforward, organized she was.

11. Candace called with a question about typical time for patient counseling...needed a was frustrating that what I found she did not want..but it was satisfying to have IPA to use...

12. Lunch with Diane at the Mexical place..always a pleasure

13. Got my photos of the day loaded on to Photopoint....really great how the system works..and they have improved it for downloading and how Internet Explorer makes it faster than Netscape.

14. Wonderful having Florence Tang tell me about her proposed Asian-Southern recipe book...had just thought the idea up at lunch.

15. Noticed the ballet picture on Beth's wall..learned a girl she babysat for had done it in about the lst grade...interesting....

16. Sally's blue eyes

17. Student waiting to be helped at again...beige bag, Kakis..fitting just right, brown belt and shoes with the contrast of clunky high heels and sandle in front...and blond hair to her shoulders...

18. Student telling me about going to work with Dr. Anderson on a Solvay project using Kaiser..the same student who said her brother was a Rhodes scholar that I had photographed earlier in the month.

19. Neat conversation with the taxi driver I had known since at least 1996...telling about how much he liked downtown, spoke of sitting with a drink and his financee...GA State nursing faculty member...on the Georgian Terrace...he plans to marry her in October.

20. My Nutcracker doll arriving in the mail...four days after the order...

So....interesting way to look at the world, isn't it...thinking of all the things to be thankful for....

My Peachtree, MARTA photos