MOOLOO Parade, Hamilton New Zealand

Led by the Salvation Army Band, women's marching teams bringing up the rear, and children with their faces painted Waikato red, yellow, and black on commercial vans, trucks and trailer trucks..the Moo Loo parade made its way up Victoria Street Saturday after Saturday that winter 1999, a Hamilton tradition.

These are photographs on Photopoint showing these wonderful scenes of community spirit.

I was able to stand on the sidewalk filming two of these parades. After making its way up Victoria the parade finally arrived at the ball park where the Waikato Rugby team challenged another team. Not quite the All Blacks, but the challengers equally fierce in their loyalty.

News item

MOOLOO PARADE Saturday 18 September   12:30pm Victoria Street, Central City "Mooloo's" is the local name for the Waikato rugby team.  Bring the kids into the city on Saturday to see the Mooloo Parade, celebrating Waikato Rugby, and stirring everyone up before the Ranfurly Shield rugby match later in the day.  Lots of decorated cars and supporters wearing Waikato team colours (red, yellow and black), all noisily rattling their cowbells in "Mooloo" tradition. _____________________________ RANFURLY SHIELD RUGBY MATCH Saturday 18 September    2:35pm Rugby Park, Mill Street See local provincial team Waikato Draught battle against Wellington for the "Ranfurly Shield" Trophy, as part of the National Provincial Championship (NPC) rugby competitions.  Remember to take face paint and a cowbell!  Tickets are $8 for an embankment seat, or grab a friend and pick up a "Take a Mate ticket" from any Postshop.  (2 tickets for the price of 1)

Rugby and Hamilton, NZ

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