This is a page for my friends who are interested in two and a half days in the Big Apple

My daughter got $80.00 round trip Delta tickets from Atlanta for us and we got $125. (half price) per night at a theater district hotel and then $25.00 apiece for the play tickets.

The Roosevelt Island Tramway should be done both day and night

The almost full moon was something special

What we never figured out were the half dozen men standing out side Victoria's between 1 and 2 am ..just talking. Very nicely dressed middleaged…

Trip Links

MTA: Arrive right on time and off on the bus for Manhattan
The Ameritania, of the Amersterdam Hospitality Group :
Metropolitan Museum: On Museum Mile
Blake Exhibit was great. Blake page:
Jewish Museum: Chagall Exhibit
The Frick:
Jekyll and Hyde Club:
Tony Awards: The Producer walked off with everything
Roosevelt Island Tram: Only one in the world like it
More about the tram:
Roosevelt Island goes back to the Dutch:
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Times Square at Midnight

SATURDAY Shopping, in stores and on the street - The Metropolitan, Cabaret, Twist Lounge

4:30a Rob took us to Hartsfield

6a Eden and I fly off to the Big Apple on Delta 482

8a Arrive right on time and off on the bus for Manhattan MTA: Arrive right on time and off on the bus for Manhattan

9:30a The Ameritania, of the Amersterdam Hospitality Group

9:45a We get our ticket to Cabaret,also check out Proof

10a Walk through a great street market on the way to the bus stop

11a The Metropolitan, Blake Collection, an hour tour too <

3p Finised our Met visit with the Basel Cathedral collection

8p Cabaret at Studio 54, seats 813,815..very,very top-Eden cried

10p Twist Lounge at the Ameritania

SUNDAY - Breakfast off 77th Street with a Friend, Jewish Museum (Chagall Exhibit), Frick, and midnight tram ride to Roosevelt Island

Midnight Eden bought a couple of records at Virgin

1:45a Supper at Howard Johnsons and watch the prom kids at the Marriott

2a Go to sleep with the REM record Eden just bought

9a Breakfast with Liz Smythe

9:30a Great ride on the bus, walking through leafy canopy on 77th St.

11a Jewish Museum

3p Frick

5p Hotdog between Plaza and Sherman's garish gold statue

6p A drink at Jekyll and Hyde

7p A good lie down watching the Tony Awards ..taking place blocks away

11p On the way to the Roosevelt Island tram

MONDAY - Today Show and Back to Hotlanta..smooth flying all the way

Midnight - Roosevelt Island Tram and little bus around the island l

a Very late supper at Victoria's 9a Today Show

Some other folks from Atlanta

11a Subway, bus from the Roosevelt Subway stop to Laguardia

12p Smooth flight home