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. ReplyReply AllForwardDeleteCloseNext Message Move Message To: From: echristian@webtv.net (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 07:13:01 -0400 (EDT) To: ecchristian@dcemail.com Subject: webb Message From: chw13@yahoo.ie (CharlesWebb) Date: Mon, Jul 31, 2000, 4:14am (EDT-3) To: echristian@webtv.net (Elizabeth Jackson) Subject: re: Me Dear Elizabeth, Our visitor having returned to England....some ten days ago.....and I'm still trying to get my correspondence back to normal ! I find once you lose momentum it takes a long time to get up speed again. Age, age, age...but not the only thing. Susan, being on school hols. is trying to get all her genealogical records straight. Some peripheral relative, of the fourth order of cousins, sent her a great wad of typewritten information on one side of the family, and whilst all is deliberated over ("now, was that the daughter, or the mother ? ? " etc., etc....) I do not get the full access to the keyboard that I would wish. But then again...it's not my keyboard ! Plus our "free deal ",of which I wrote previously, is now the victim of its own success (a la Amazon, I believe ), and it appears we shall to pay something, albeit a fixed charge, from the end of September. I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT....THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH ! But they are giving us 20's worth of free calls, and until that date, Internet phone time is indeed free. Hence high level of activity. I have not yet broached the questions of " library partnership " to Susan yet. She has applied for yet another job at the Perth Library, replacing the lady who got the job Sue originally applied for. Must see what transpires.....I might have to draw a map to show you what's happening. Some time back...you kindly sent me a report on relative wotsits (forgotten the word ) of various search engines. Can I now reciprocate ? - by suggesting you look at Coppernic ? - a programme (about 2.6 MB ) which (for free ) searches 17 search engines for you, does not duplicate URL's, and keeps them all on file for future reference. It is found on www.coppernic.com and is a real wow ! If you pay ( I shudder

) you can also get 55 search engine reports, plus access to encyclopaedias, plus others, but that's going over the top methinks.

Nevertheless I am stricken with amazement at what it can do. Includes Altavista, Excite, Lycos, Yahoo plus loads of others. And I can search Web UK, or Web World Wide, the former narrowing it all down for us. Also. for your delectation......

www.scotland.info.co.uk/ a brilliant 80,000 word site, with loads of pictures, should you be mildly curious. I'm off now. Take care. You're always welcome in the In Box. Best wishes from all. Charles. _