Letter from Phyllis September 3, 2000

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From: treetops@care2.com (phyllis hetrick-bennett) Date: Sun, Sep 3, 2000, 8:59pm (EDT-1) To: echristian@webtv.net Subject: Re: Forwarding a letter from Jeremy Trevathan

Dear Liz,   I'm alive and reasonably well and send apologies for not getting to you sooner.

                I'm on the run now, but I will be in touch again soon. The attachment was labeled "UNKNOWN." so I didn't see the letters.               This Care2 doesn't handle attachments well, obviously, so I have an alternate E-mail:   .    

          The video Soapie has "St. Mary's Memories", done for the 100th anniv. of the founding of SMS was not shot by me. I collected and compiled pictures from a variety of sources: some of Sr. Christabel's 1960's (!) slides,   some from pages of year books, some from students including me, etc. Then a firm in Chattanooga put the whole thing on video tape. It's silent (except one version has music selected by Sally Buck McCrady) but there are titles.

  I could get a copy for you, or better yet when you come to visit me we'll watch it. I have a list of the photos with identifications and source.

                                I was a photographer as a student and still have my 616 Kodak with the bellows. You may remember that I developed film in the St. E lab and St. Anne's kitchen. But that activity was abandoned when I went to college. Unhappily my modern camera was stolen from a motel last year at a Trail of Tears conference.

                              MANY THANKS for your generous invitation to visit you in your condo in Atlanta. The last time we were there was to hear Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead in spring of 95 or 6 (the year he died). We spent the weekend at a motel near the air port which offered free shuttle to the subway. It was such fun that I'd like to visit Atlanta again and especially to HUG YOU.                               I've been busy with an

antifluoridation campaign

and lately with NADER/LADUKE campaign.   But more on all this later.   I do love you, Liz. Memories warm my heart.     Please forgive my neglect.     Barlow Care2 make the world greener !