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Dear Elizabeth,

Hi. No I don't have all the President's wives, just a few, but those few have turned out to be so beautiful that I am interested in more. I was recently in Houston, Tx on business and got one day off to go to Space center and on to Galveston where I toured the "Bishop's Palace" which is a late 1800's home, on the US list of top 14 homes most representative of the Victorian era buildings. Anyway, it was a terrific house, and in one of the antique glass cases were all of the MA first lady dolls with a card in front of each-like you'd put as a place card at a dinner party.

They made quite a beautiful display. Of course, they were added to the house, probably as an interesting display, to make up for what had been displayed in the cabinet originally-probably European china since the builder's wife was quite a collector, and lots of that probably went to family over the years. Anyway, that was the first time I'd see the dolls outside of photos in books.

I have always been very interested in Jackie Kennedy-starting collecting mag and newspaper items in late 1959, and when the dolls of her came out, slowing acquired those. Also really liked Lady Bird Johnson, and got her next.

Also I got 4 first lady dolls which Danbury mint put out quite a while ago--Jackie Kennedy through Barbara Bush, very nice. I thought the Nancy Regan looked rather harsh in the face, but never having seen her in person, it looks like her photos-only with a hard edge.

I have always thought MA or some company should put out bride's of the White House. One of the President's was married there-was it Garfield. And of course Alice Roosevelt, and more recently, Luci Johnson-reception was there, and Lynda Johnson-married in East room, and Trisha Nixon married in Rose garden. That would be a good addition to the first lady dolls.

What kind of info are you going to have on your web page. You must be VERY computer literate, I can just barely turn this sucker on and make it work. Best of luck with your project--interested to hear more-- Sincerely, Charlotte ----- Original Message -----

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Subject: I see you bid on the President's Wife doll I am doing a web page on them....Do you have a collection ?" I would be

interested in corresponding. Elizabeth