Eden picked me up in time for her to get home, dress and leave for work. We are two women meshing our work schedules and making arrangement for children in between. Jay and Marti had gone to a neighbor's, Indigo' house after getting off the bus, since we could not make it in time.

Eden had had a lovely morning with her old friend Cheryl. Cheryl, now living in Nashville, had been planning fom months for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary. There had been a period of strain in Eden and Cheryl's relationship, but the rift is now closed.

Eden happily took her around to Maude Baker's for a corsage. The event was to be Saturday in the Mary Gay house, and Eden is the Mary Gay House Jr.League chairman.

My own morning was more of a dissapointment. I had spent the week planning and woriing on what I thought..and of course I would think it...up a budget planning process that was based on a formula that took into consideration course requirements rather than things like enrollmehnt counts. I met in the conference room with JB and BH and they totally discounted it. Am I nuts, off in my own little world ? Perhaps it really is a stupid way to approach things.

Reference did pick up and I had four question s in quick succession during our meeting.

The late afternoon with the children consisted of watching them play. Marti spent much of her time with her Aunt Bettie. Jay dressed up, and in the above photo is dressed in a scarf as some kind of "hero". He had gone in the attic and pulled down a Halloween skeleton and proceeded to pull the arms and legs off and put them back on.

I picked up and ready several chapters in a book that Eden had bought some time ago about Cuba. I had gotten a retirement book years ago..how to retire thing..at the SA, that had an unexpected final chapter about how retiring to Costa Rica was a good idea because it was so well developed for Central America and had a really great exchange rate. That exchange rate concept has stayed with me, especially after my NZ experience. Costa Rica...a possibility for a year ?

I also leafed through an issue of Time about the dignified UN Secretary from ..Gambia is it ? How he seems to think countries simplied need to be as dignified as he is to improve..stop bloodshed, and so on. There was also a bit about Madelaine A. yelling at him for wanting to be soft on Iraz

Rob came in from the Y in good spirits, fixed spaghetti for supper and told me about teaching himself javascript and then using it to make a small but crucial change on the MMRW page.

So, how do I size up the day ? There weresome really satisfying parts, especially my interactions with Trudy, Amy, and Beth Perry, as we work together on things. We were tring hard to solve the ERIC thesaurus search problem..it is so obscure on the Ebsco screen.

However, I was clearly dissapointed that JB and BH brushed off my budget plan efforts. Judith is intent on getting the budget figures raised, and satisfying Ted Matthews. At least that is what I suspect.

For ten years now I have compared myself to this woman over and over and over and come up short. She was ahead of me getting Cleo..and then bragged about getting a bargain.

Now Amy is outshining me and getting kudos form Judith. Not much that I can do it seems. And yet this is all in my head. Of course she is not.She has a future to make for herself, and let's face it, Elizabeth, you future as a career librarian is BEHIND not AHEAD.