An afternoon at Mercer

I spent the morning continuing to play with Webtv and NOT CLEARNING UP, NOT WRITING CHECKS, NOT GETTING MY LIFE IN ORDER AS I KEEP PROMISING MYSELF I WILL DO, and of course ended up feeling guilty about it.

On the reference desk I found myself doing document delivery stuff and helping with copying. I think this is a trend. One pharmacy students was copying articles she had already found through Iowa. Two others came in with bibliographies. I paid with my own credit card to get one article for a student (she seemed to take it for granted)..our Drugs and Aging was at the bindery...and then Judith would not reimburse me for it.

Another used my MDConsult accout to get one article and used a chapter from a book that was there. It is costing me about 40.00 a month to use the account and it is probably not worth it. After all, I am really on the desk such short periods of time....but it was satisfying..and again..the student took it for granted.

I just can't seem to look at Ebay without ordering something.

I did some more with my "international doll" web page, and then realized how really silly it is, and how unprofessional compared with others that I see on the web. Maybe it is just a good place for me to store stuff about my own collections or those that interest me already on the web.

What I wrote several weeks before..and comments

From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Mon, Aug 21, 2000, 10:43am To: Subject: Day 2..after decision

   Message From: (Elizabeth Christian) Date: Mon, Aug 21, 2000, 5:15am To:

Subject: The RTW

5:30 am

August 20, 2000

Is this the moment that I make my decision ? An around the world trip, the bit RTW. For the past 18 months I have been fretting over retirement, but perhaps things are falling into perspective. I did a bit of a search under "around the world" in Google and discovered one model webpage. The writer kept a diary and there is a lot of very practical information here.

I confided my interest in travel after retirement to Eden Saturday night. She is my role model, having made two major trips just after college graduation, one to the mid-east and one to Europe.

Perhaps my job exchanges to London and New Zealand in 1997 and 1999 were harbingers, preparation for such a trip.

Saturday I gathered together the correspndence I had had with Warren setting up the second exchange. We had the plan in place in three emails over less than a month's time. The first step of course is making the decision and then making the plans. The funny thing is, I am already wondering if I do it, what comes next. How would my life proceed after that ?

One thing Phil (LGU exchange partner), Warren and I learned, I believe, was that no one else was especially interested in our exchanges where we worked. They had no curiousity about the libraries we had been working in abroad. Phil wrote to me of his dissapointment in the lack of interest at the Calcutta House Library. I felt the same there in Atlanta.

Well, of all the things that I have been considering this seems to have the quality of a "project". I am also wondering that if working in a sense this "extra" year, I would be justified in taking the interest on the tax sheltered annuities and the contributions I and Mercer had put in, and then absolutely put it on the trip. It would give a nice cushion.

Could I also call on my penpals to host me a bit as I visited their countries ? Suddenly what had been a rather pointless exchange of information would turn into projects. They would be asked to think about their own localities and see what they believed was important, what might be entertaining to a visitor from abroad.

So, a year, no not a year, a mere 10 months to make a plan. Am I healthy enough ?

Start thinking, Elizabeth. If you do this then this would be the start of the RTW, the next phase of your life.

I read this web page earlier this evening, or yesterday evening to be more acurate

This is a very good model. It is a straightforard diary with photos interspersed. The writer took a regular camera with film.

August 21, 2000 10:25

I read a bit further on the web page of the couple who took the RTW trip early in their careers. They griped about India..Iwent to NZ, something I knew something about, and was distressed at hos they worte about Rotorura.

  Clearly it is all much of how the person sees things. It is what you pay attention to in life that makes the difference, doesn't it ? While Rotorura does in fact cater to tourists and has done so for over a 100 years, it is not a "tourist trap" but is very well laid out and managed. I was there twice. In a way just walking out the door at noon, to the train station, and on is a kind of start of a tour.."journey of a thousand miles..."

I am more interested in cities than nature. What If I chose 12 cities in the world and spent a month in each, planning to stay in hostels, where you also meet a lot of other people from around the world. What I should start planning right away is how I am going to docment what I do. I brought entirely too many THINGS back from both the UK and NZ...and don't know what to do with them. Leave the things, just make photographs of them and describe them. Eden says I should confine myself to Europe so..cities in

France Germany Italy Spain Romania the UK then down to the middle east for the winter Egypt Jordon

Where else in the midle east ? maybe just a couple, and then come home by way of the TransSibian railroad, which I would have to do in the summer.

I saw a great documentary on this railroad Friday night on PBS. The video is for sale...maybe get it and check it out further.

Planning how to record my experiences when I get back is very important to me.

Perhaps I could arrange to set up a regular lecture on how to do this, when I get back. There are not all that many good web pages on the subject. Well, it is in any case a project. Something to get me moving forward.