A Little Bit Of Troll History

We, the Kuuskoski Family, have been creating, making and telling stories about Trolls since 1952. But of course, Trolls have been around for much longer than that.

There have always been trolls in the Scandinavian folklore, but these old trolls were always ugly, nasty and dangerous. Children were told "If you don't behave yourself, the trolls will come and take you away!" We don't know whether children behaved or not, but nobody liked trolls.

The time was in the early 1950s in Finland, where life was still difficult as everyone was trying to recover from the effects of World War II. Helena had married a young actor, Martti, and to supplement the family income, she had started making stuffed animals and other dolls to sell. For some reason, Helena had gotten a notion that if there are bad trolls, then there should be friendly ones, too, but she really wasn't going to do anything about it. This was just a playful idea in her mind. Then one day, without warning, she was trying out some new ideas, and suddenly she realized she had made a TROLL! It looked friendly although a little bit wild. This had to be one of the friendly Trolls she had been thinking about.

She made a few more and tried to sell them, but at first people didn't want them. So, Helena told them a story about this Troll, and that made all the difference.

Little by little Helena created many more Trolls, each one with a unique look, personality, name and a life story. These Trolls became known world-wide as FAUNI-trolls.

Helena's children, Minna and Johannes, have worked with the Trolls for as long as they have been able to hold a pen, or glue a nose in place. ("We grew up as Trolls" they like to say.) Over the years, the Troll family has grown, the stories have gotten bigger, and the entire Trolldom has evolved into a charming place where many adventures happen every day. There have been many twists and turns in the story of the Trolls and the Kuuskoskis, and now they all live happily in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Everyone is invited to visit the world's most unique Troll Store, where stories about these Trolls are told every day. On Saturdays there is a Troll Story Time at 2 pm, where visitors can hear a story about some of the most exciting adventures. This is usually followed by special appearances by life-size Trolls. Visitors can write to the Trolls as well, and receive a response by mail.                Troll Characters and Stories, Copyright ©Helena, Minna & Johannes Kuuskoski 1952, 2000