A November weekend at the Greyhound Bus Station in Atlanta 1998

Stuffed animals, dolls, little creatures traveling with their masters and mistresses of all ages. Destinations North, South, all over the country.

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Indiana bear on his way to Florida

Setting up housekeeping

The little girl who was taking this doll to the Big Apple by way of Greyhound. She had the doll her brother had Barney

Smaller animals travel too

This was the first bear I photographed several months earlier. Daniel Bear was with his mistress getting on the 12:00 bus going north from Atlanta through Marietta, Rome, Chattanooga, Knoxville...just going North. He had come to his mistress in California eleven years ago and has traveled widely since then

And comments from people who travel with bears themselves

From Diane Date: Thu, Jul 20, 2000

Surprisingly as I have admitted to taking my dolls and or stuffed animals along to places------ others have come clean that they too do the same. My son-in-law's parents travel in a motorhome which is filled with stuffed animals. Most of which are mice as she loves them so. She lives near me so I can visit and have noticed she has branched out to Boyds animals and even dolls now. I like to buy a doll from someplace I visit. If not a doll then an animal or something else I collect. Some of my pen pals have sent me dolls from other countries. Not expensive mind you but endearing because they sent them. I have a My Friend Mandy Doll sent to me years ago by my oldest pen pal. She said it looked like me. She was 83 yrs old when she passed away last year and everytime I look at Mandy I think of my pen pal in Fla. I started pen palling in 1987 and have met many friends and have been a part of their lives over these 13 yrs years. Only a few have computers or webtv so I will continue to hand write letters to them.


Nesodden, Norway

Time: 1998-11-17 13:42:57

I was surfing the net looking for addresses for Greyhound Buses in Georgia, and stumbled across your page...

Pictures and text made me think about a lost family member, and how bad we all felt years ago when my first child lost her life-long friend...

Her teddybear had been a member of the family for no less than 12 years, and despite my daughter was just turning into a big girl and a teenager this loss of a family member was terrible to us all. Mari got her teddybear for Xmas as she was 8 months old, and she immediately was safe and happy with this new friend. Well, he had no name until Mari was about two, then her friend got his proud name "Gonassas", a pure fantasy name reminding us not only of Greek Tycoons, but as well "Good Night" as pronounced in Norwegian....

Mari could never go anywhwere without her friend, and thus her pet followed her on all her vacation travels, to Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy... to Russia, to Brazil and Argentina.... He even went with her as her schools marching band went on a trip to Germany the summer when she was 13... Alas, on arriving home to Norway she realized that her best friend had overslept in the passenger ferry and had missed the bus to go home... When the ferry company was unable to locate him even if we had reported the actual cabin number, Mari was desperate.... Our calls and cries were not heard, he was requested in radio and newspapers (!) but to our disappointment nobody never gave us a clue what happened to him.....

I guess he just fancied travelling enough to go on travelling by himself, and one day we maybe will have a postcard from him, mailed from the Trans-Siberian Railway, from the Greyhound Station in Detroit, or from the Pyramids at Giza...... Mari is now 19, and actually she has overcome the loss of a good friend who decided to travel on alone..... But I know that he still lives in her heart, and in her note case his picture is still found on the second page, after boyfriend, but before Mom & Dad, younger brother and cat..... So I am delighted to know that other 'big kids' are happy and comfortable of bringing their pet friends around even as they reach their teens.... My son is now 16, his Teddy bear is equipped with a name tag, showing not only my sons name and address, but even the proud name of the bear itself : "LimiTed"



Time: 1998-09-13 15:29:07

I have to admit that I am very close to my toy Alf, (yes from the AmericanTV Show!!). I have had him since i was about 8 years old and i remember quite clearly that when i went into hospital at age 9 i had to bring him into the operating theater with me and when i awoke from the operation the doctors had given me a mask to put on him along with a name tag around his wrist which 10 years later he still has (though it's faded now!). More recently when i traveled interstate with my year level in high school, (i was 17 at the time). I Still had to bring him along on the bus trip and i remember waking up on the way home because i had dropped him. Standing right next to me was one of my teachers holding my Alf and telling the whole bus how ugly it was, (from it being both a weird looking creature as well as the wear and tear of the years and washing machine!!! haha!).

Once he realized i was awake he looked down at me and i gave him a sleepy yet dirty look and he gave my Alf straight back and i took him and went back to sleep! I remember hearing him saying how it was strange how i could still be so attached to my bear at such an older age!! Two years later and i still take him when i go away! Even on holidays with my friends!!! They've added him into the family!haha!! :) Well i just thought i'd share my thoughts with you! hope this comes in handy! Bye! Joeline :) Elizabeth Jackson wrote: I have had to spend quite a bit of time at the local Greyhound station recenty going and coming to a city nearby, and to pass the time have started photographing the largely adults who are traveling with their bears.' I even noticed a lady at the Denver Airport who had a bear peering out of her tote. When asked where she got it, she said she had brought the bear hom

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Of course there are many stories about traveling dolls

As Hitty....

A review of that book

Who is Hitty?- By Virginia Ann Heyerdahl, Founder, Editor, and Publisher of the Friends of Hitty Newsletter/Club Articles MenuHitty is the heroine of the Newbery Medal winning children's book Hitty: Her First Hundred Years, the autobiography of an early American doll hand-carved from Irish mountain-ash wood by a peddler. The book was written by Rachel Field and illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop As Hitty relates in her fictitious "memoirs," she was carved for a little girl who lived in Maine, Phoebe Preble. Phoebe took Hitty everywhere with her including on a long ocean voyage. In addition to being shipwrecked with Phoebe, Hitty's adventures included traveling to India where she was "lost" and then rescued, given to another little girl and eventually accompanied that child back to the United States to live in Philadelphia. Hitty traveled to New York, back to New England and then made an appearance at the Cotton Exposition dressed exquisitely in a wedding gown. Following numerous other adventures, Hitty ends up residing in an antique shop. The "real" story of Hitty is also fascinating. While dining in New York City one evening in the late 1920s, Rachel Field and her good friend, Dorothy Lathrop, discovered they had a mutual interest in a tiny old-fashioned doll in an antique shop. The little wooden doll was over 100 years old at that time. Eventually the girls purchased the doll together and during the summer, while vacationing in Maine, they outlined Hitty's fictitious adventures during her first hundred years. Upon returning home, Rachel wrote Hitty's life story while Dorothy illustrated it. In October 1929, The Macmillan Company published Hitty: Her First Hundred Years. and, in 1930 it was awarded the Newbery Medal for the most distinguished contribution to children's literature in 1929! Since 1988, the real Hitty has resided in the Stockbridge, Massachusetts, library along with a number of her original possessions. For additional information on Hitty, please contact the Friends of Hitty Newsletter/Club, c/o Virginia Ann Heyerdahl, 2704 Belleview Avenue, Cheverly, Maryland 20785-3006; telephone: 301-772-1555; fax: 301-772-6241; e-mail: VAHHitty@aol.com. A subscription to the Newsletter is $12.00 per year for four issues. The purpose of the Friends of Hitty Newsletter/Club is to provide a forum for the dissemination of information and material on Hitty herself, Rachel Field, Dorothy Lathrop and the artists who create Hittys. The organization has instituted a Conservation and Preservation of Hitty Fund to be used for restoring and preserving Hitty and her belongings at the Stockbridge (Massachusetts) Library. We are actively engaged in fund-raising projects for this worthwhile objective. The newsletter is published four times a year and contains articles on: *Artists who create Hittys -- today as well as yesterday. *Retrospectives: Out-of-print previously published material is shared. *Bazaar: A listing of Hitty-related items for sale. *Potpourri: Patterns, ideas for accessories -- whatever might be of interest to our members. *Happenings: Reports on events, shows or gatherings of interest to our Hitty enthusiasts. *Our Members: Meet our members and learn how Hitty has affected their lives and what role she plays in their lives today. In addition to our regular "departments," we carry feature articles in every issue and keep you up-to-date on all Hitty activities and events. We have an occasional column called "Not Just For Kids" for our younger members and plan to keep you up-to-date on "Hitty On-line." The first-ever Hitty Convention will be in Williamsburg, Virginia, October 27, 28 and 29, 2000! Copyright and disclaimer 1997, 1998, The Doll Collection, Inc.E-mail Us! Advertising Information

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